Bubble Double Walled Glass

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Introducing the Bubble Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs, the perfect companion for enjoying your favourite matcha beverage. These elegant and durable mugs feature a unique double-walled design that creates a captivating visual effect while keeping your matcha at the perfect temperature. Crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant glass, these cups are both practical and stylish. The double-walled construction creates an insulation layer, keeping your hot or cold matcha hot or cold while preventing the outer surface from becoming too hot or cold to handle. This allows you to comfortably hold the mug without the need for a handle.

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Bubble Double Walled Glass
Bubble Double Walled Glass

Discover the power and secrets of natural matcha and your well-being!


Sourcing our matcha from Japan


Scientific Evidence of the benefits

Our matcha undergoes strict evaluation to meet our standards for purity, flavour and aroma. So you get all the benefits from matcha.


How to Prepare the Perfect cup

Making the perfect cup of matcha takes time and practice. Soon you will master the art of making the perfect cup of matcha.